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Living, breathing tragedy Dan Ryckert weighs in on MOBAs.

2 year old me.

2 year old me.



Have Mercy // Chain Reaction // 02.18.2014 [Full Set]



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This website bickers and fights amongst itself like a group of mentally unfit toddlers on a playground fighting over the remains of a cat and who gets to cuddle it first. No matter the topic of the discussion at hand, there is at least one person on this website who finds a way to squeeze Racism or Sexism in to it, even if it’s about someone’s grandmother passing away due to a terminal illness. This isn’t right, and most everyone knows it, but they would rather find some ism or ist in the most unlikely places as to explain why they aren’t beautiful, wealthy, or have a job to support themselves and their families or pets or hobbies.

It’s true, you aren’t doing anything to shape the future or reshape a nation. You’re just acting like a spoiled child who is living better than most of the world. You are the top 1% to many, yet you complain about the tiniest of things—these first world problems—when you are living quite comfortably. You ignore the socioeconomic in favor of skin color and perceived race or ethnicity. You rather claim someone of non-white origins to have less privileges and influence than a supposed white person who is of the working-poor.

Regardless of what one thinks of privileges, institutional whatever, or power + prejudice theory… the simple fact remains: You can’t do anything screaming relentlessly into the abyss that is the Internet.

You can claim some society, or a culture, or a tradition is oppressing you, but what can you do if you sit online all day?


In its simplicity, you are being racist and hypocritical by constantly advocating for “white people” to check their privileges or to give up more or accommodate more for simply being white instead of because they might be of the upper-class or having resources. No matter what you say, if you’re from the West, you could deal with being more charitable to your own countrymen than someone from a far. The West is the first world, and you’re living in it. It may not be perfect, and we have many things to fix, but we’ll never fix or achieve anything if you continuously participate and strengthen this victim complex and culture that is washing over us like a second great biblical flood. 

We can’t end anything if you tell people to Google it or to learn on their own, this isn’t activism or education. By doing this, you are literally trying to remove all forms of responsibility from yourself and pass it onto another. This is not what Malcolm X, Gandhi, MLK JR, or any other person would want. And even if it was, you will blindly follow quotes and supposed claims without a second thought about it, yet you’ll be the first to call someone a sheep or conformist for simply being comfortable with their own body and image.

So, really, if you want to fix anything, especially in the US… it’s time to learn about the middle-ground and bargaining. You can’t expect rights and freedoms to be won simply by dressing up in your skivvies or by shouting chants and slogans and defecating on the side of a bank. None of this OWS or armchair-activism will help you in the end; it’ll only prove to the Elite and the upper-ups how pacified and lazy the masses have become. You are nothing more than reactionaries and easily goaded conformists who latch onto labels and Internet-made nonsense in the belief that you’ll somehow usurp the social norm.

In the end, all you’re doing in replacing one norm with another and further alienating true victims and people who need to be heard or helped. You can’t expect to do anything if everything you touch you make trivial and nonsensical. It’s time for many people on both sides of the argument to step back, take a break and reassess the situation at hand and realize that no one is doing anything to make anything better. We are making ourselves, our fellow countrymen, our friends, families… everyone suffer more for petty things while ignoring the true problems that need to be solved. 

While you cry about living with your parents and having to do chores, there are child workers in East Asia
While you cry about diets and people worrying about your weight, North Korea is literally starving its own citizens
While you cry about restrictions put on your genitalia and sex life, women in Africa have drastic female circumsicions peformed on a daily basis
While you try to blame people for slavery, there’s an active market in Africa.

So, tell me… what have you done besides shout slogans and post sassy.gifs to end the suffering and oppression of another?

  • Slam With The Best Or Jam Like The Rest

Slam With The Best Or Jam Like The Rest
by Free Throw


what the fuck did i just say

i think i’ve ruined everything

i probably should have kept it to myself

i’ll try to put my feelings on the shelf

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I queued this in December I’ve been waiting six months

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  • Evolution of Oh!

Evolution of Oh!
by Davey Havok



Every Oh! from every released AFI album in order.

lmao omg

This is perfect.

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So excited for Never Hungover Again.